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PAE Patent Monetization Model is Not Efficient

The PAE (Patent Assertion Entities or Patent Troll) patent monetization model does not promote efficient transactions for patent owners. Patent monetization by selling patent assets to PAE’s patent assertion business scheme rewards promoters such as patent brokers, commercial investors, PAEs and contingency lawyers. Patent owners and their shareholders do not gain a reasonable profit. Moreover, the scheme results in an enormous amount of litigation costs and settlement fee payments by operating companies who are attacked by PAEs. These costs and fees often damage the healthy growth of industries and interfere with an operating companies’ business innovation.

PAE Monetization Model


  1. 1. Patent Monetization
  2. 2. Effective Transaction Costs
  3. 3. Operating Company's Own Patent Monetization Projects
  4. 4. M&A Advisory
  5. 5. IP Defense by Growing Operating Companies
  6. 6. IP Advisory for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  7. 7. PAE Risk Management
  8. 8. Patent Dispute and Cross License Solutions
  9. 9. Patent Mining and Evaluations

1. Patent Monetization

  • SYNDEFENSE supports patent owners own efforts to obtain reasonable royalty fees from companies using patented technologies so that the share of the profit from the use of the intellectual property asset will be properly distributed to those companies that actually invested in the underlying R&D.
  • SYNDEFENSE supports patent owners own efforts to transact patents directly and amicably with licensees/buyers and discourage patent monetization by selling patents to inefficient patent assertion businesses promoted by patent trolls and their business promoters.



2. Effective Transaction Costs

  • In conducting monetization activities, SYNDEFENSE minimizes transaction costs distributed to non-innovating parties such as PAE’s, commercial investors, patent brokers and contingency lawyers, and maximizes the profit for the patent owners/operating companies so that they can re-invest in next generation R&D.
  • For the operating companies who need access to patents, SYNDEFENSE facilitates rational cost transactions to secure licenses or to acquire patent assets, and reduces substantial transaction costs by avoiding PAE attacks.
  • SYNDEFENSE does not sell IP assets to patent trolls. SYNDEFENSE may be considered an NPE as it does not manufacture or sell products; however, unlike patent trolls or other PAEs, SYNDEFENSE conducts activities solely for the benefit of the patent owners and potential licensees and patent buyers. SYNDEFENSE does not conduct activities to maximize the benefit of investors, lawyers and brokers.



3. Operating Company's Own Patent Monetization Projects

  • SYNDEFENSE encourages patent owner’s own patent monetization efforts and supports those projects by providing access to the SYNDEFENSE collaborative network of experts with a wealth of experience and proven track records in project management, legal services, intellectual property evaluation, technical analysis and market analysis.
  • SYNDEFENSE supports the patent owner’s efforts by financing the project costs through its patent fund.



4. M&A Advisory

  • In today's business environment, the ability to effectively reorganize business portfolios, beneficially transact intellectual property rights, and successfully defend against intellectual property attacks is critical to the success of a growing number of companies.
  • Syndefense, provides a global and seamless platform in collaboration with its network of expert resources of intellectual property transactional and defense strategy advisory, intellectual property valuation, accounting, tax and M&A strategy.



5. IP Defense by Growing Operating Companies

  • Companies rapidly expanding in the global market face the risk of the assertion of IP at a rate directly proportional to their growth: the more successful a new company is, the more likely they will be attacked by patent holders. SYNDEFENSE supports the building of defensive patent portfolios for growing operating companies to avoid patent risks that may hinder business continuity.
  • SYNDEFENSE supports defensive patent portfolio building by patent acquisitions, and by formulating successful strategies for licensing patents and solving patent disputes.



6. IP Advisory for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

  • SYNDEFENSE supports all aspects of IP activities of SMEs and start-ups.
  • SYNDEFENSE supports prosecution and offensive/defensive IP strategies — to foster the next generation of innovations.
  • SYNDEFENSE provides access to its collaborative network of resources.



7. PAE Risk Management

  • SYNDEFENSE encourages its clients to cooperate in reducing PAE risks.
  • SYNDEFENSE promotes educational campaigns to industrial, academic and governmental groups to reduce negative impact of patent divestitures to PAEs.



8. Patent Dispute and Cross License Solutions

  • SYNDEFENSE facilitates for early settlement of patent disputes to avoid direct and indirect litigation costs of operating companies.



9. Patent Mining and Evaluations

  • SYNDEFENSE encourages patent owners to abandon patents with less likelihood of future product applications so that patent owners can reduce unnecessary patent maintenance costs and also avoid distribution of such patents to the patent market.
  • SYNDEFENSE with its collaborative partners’ support, provides patent mining and evaluation services, product analysis and infringement proof services, and patent invalidation services.