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SYNDEFENSE’s mission is to assist companies in the creation and protection of the next generation of technology and intellectual property assets.


SYNDEFENSE provides comprehensive intellectual property ("IP") consultation services to support up-and-coming companies creation and protection of their IP. Syndefense also assists in the development and creation of new markets and services.


SYNDEFENSE supports the monetization of operating companies technology and intellectual property with minimal transaction costs. Monetization allows for recovery of R&D costs and profit that can be re-invested in the next generation of technical research and business development.

SYNDEFENSE, with its “Power to Connect”, proactively supports effective and transparent patent transactions with a focus on business objectives. Selling patents to Patent Assertion Entities ("PAEs") can provide immediate profit, but often does not serve middle to long term business objectives.


SYNDEFENSE provides advisory services to package intellectual property transactions with M&A transactions, as well as consultation services concerning capitalization needed for intellectual property monetization and defense strategies.


SYNDEFENSE assists in defending your business against IP based threats by developing strategies to mitigate risk from Patent Assertion Entities (PAE), and to facilitate early settlement of ongoing intellectual property disputes.

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